With a fast cash installment loan from Mount Pleasant's local Freddy's Fast Cash location, you can put some money in your pocket today. The application process is quick and simple because fast cash loans are approved based on your answers to a handful of questions rather than a long and complicated process. In many cases, customers in Mount Pleasant can apply for a loan, get approved, and pick up their money the same day.

No Credit Check

Get Cash fast


What you need to get approved for a cash loan with no credit check required:

Open and Active Checking Account

90 day Bank Activity print out with Direct Deposit or 180 day Bank Activity print out with non Direct Deposit.

Debit Card

Driver's License or State Issued I.D. Card

Social Security

What Are Fast Cash installment Loans For?

We lend you cash that you can spend to meet your expenses. Customers might choose to use money from a cash loan to pay for urgent medical bills, to fix things around the house, or to simply cover everyday living expenses.

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