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Freddy's Fast Cash offers a number of convenient loans to customers in the East Texas area. See our services below to find the best loan option for you to get fast cash now!

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Installment Loans

Whether it's an emergency or getting back on your feet, sometimes everyone just needs a little helping hand. We're a licensed lender that provides simple and fair installment loans paid over a short or extended time to help with life's unexpected circumstances.

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Title Loans

Need a larger loan? We appraise your vehicle and will give you a loan based on the value. You can even qualify for a higher loan amount dependent on the collateral.Use your clear-title vehicle as collateral for a title loan from Freddy's Fast Cash.

Payday Loans

Payday loans provide fast cash that you can spend. Many borrowers use cash from a payday loan to cover unexpected medical bills, make needed home repairs, or to simply cover their living expenses.

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