How To Get A Stolen Package Refund For Free

Mar 3, 2022

How to Get a Stolen Package Refund for Free According to a recent survey by, 49 million Americans have dealt with package theft. When times are tough, and you need to…

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Free July 4 & Summer Events in East Texas

Mar 3, 2022

With summer comes barbecues, fireworks, festivals…and no school. When trying to plan a summer for the whole family to keep everyone entertained, things can quickly add up. What you may not have…

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How To Get A Loan With Bad Credit in Hugo, OK

Mar 19, 2021
woman smiling while pointing on her right side

First things first: a credit check can’t reveal a person’s character and our credit score isn’t always an accurate reflection of our current financial situation. After all, tough circumstances like medical debt…

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How To Make Your Money Last Until Pay Day

Mar 19, 2021

How to break out of the paycheck to paycheck cycle Living paycheck to paycheck is common for many Americans. It can be difficult to break out of that cycle when you feel…

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How To Get A Loan With No Credit Check in Paris, TX

Jan 8, 2021

Your credit score is important because it impacts many of the things you are able to do financially. It is often used by institutions to determine if you can qualify for financing…

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How To Get Loans With No Credit Check In Longview

Nov 20, 2020

If you need cash fast in Longview, our office on Gilmer Road will make it easy to access the money you need.

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Free Things to Do for Halloween in East Texas

Oct 19, 2020
A child at a halloween event gets face paint.

There is plenty of free Halloween fun available in East Texas this year. You can stay safe and have a great Halloween without spending any money. If your kids want to dress up and get candy – but you do not want to do traditional trick or treating – consider going to one of the many free events and venues in East Texas that offer the same fun without going door to door.

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East Texas Loans For Credit Scores Below 600

Sep 23, 2020

Living with a bad credit score can feel like carrying a heavy weight. Bad credit makes it difficult to obtain financing, but it is possible to get a loan with a credit score below 600!

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What Are Title Loans? What Borrowers in Texas Need To Know

Sep 9, 2020
A truck that can be used as collateral for a title loan.

Most people in East Texas will face an unexpected financial hurdle at some point. It can be hard to figure out the best way to help meet those expenses. Title loans might…

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Get the Cash You Need with a Bad Credit Loan in Texarkana, TX

Jul 10, 2020
man wearing t-shirt and jeans jumpshot in front of a green hedge

Need to get a loan, but have bad credit? It is possible to get a loan that is not based on your credit score with no credit check at all. Here’s how.

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What to do When You Need Cash Today in Texas

Jul 3, 2020
I need cash today

There are options available when you need cash immediately to help meet unexpected challenges. Freddy’s Fast Cash can offer you some of those options and we make it as easy as possible to get you the cash you need right away.

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