Payday Loans up to $3000

Payday Loans provide fast cash when you need it. Our application takes just minutes to complete and there's no credit check required. Swing by any of our Texas locations to pick up your cash once you have been approved.

No Credit Check

Get Cash fast


What you need to get approved for a Payday Loan:

Open and Active Checking Account

90 Day Bank Activity Print out with Direct Deposit or 180 Day Bank Activity Print out with Non Direct Deposit.

Debit Card

Driver's License or State Issued I.D. Card

Social Security

What Are Payday Loans For?

Payday loans provide fast cash that you can spend. Many borrowers use cash from a payday loan to cover unexpected medical bills, make needed home repairs, or to simply cover their living expenses.

Payday Loan Questions

A payday loan is simply an installment loan that provides cash up front in exchange for periodic payments over time to repay the principal of the loan, plus interest. Getting a payday loan from Freddy's Fast Cash is quick, easy, and doesn't require a credit check. 

Getting approved for a payday loan from Freddy's Fast Cash is designed to be quick and easy. In most cases borrowers can get approved right away and pick up their cash the very same day.

Freddy is always looking for a way to get you the cash you need! The approval process is fast and there's no credit check required, so there's no reason not to apply. Almost every borrower with a reliable source of income is able to get approved and pick up their cash the same day.

The maximum amount of money you'll be able to receive from a payday loan is regulated by state law, but Freddy's can lend most borrowers hundreds of dollars or more. You'll qualify for a particular loan amount based on your current income within the allowed range.